Do You Still Remember Him/Her? —Journey Back To The Glamor Of Vintage Cinema.

These iconic old Hollywood stars left us with countless classic film scenes. You know all their famous character names by heart - but do you remember the real names behind the faces? Take this quiz to test your memory of Hollywood's golden age! We'll give you a famous line from one of their iconic characters. Can you correctly name the actor or actress behind the character? Let's see how well you remember these legendary stars.



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    She strarred as The Girl in Sullivan’s Travels(1941). What's her real name?

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    He played as Rick Blaine in Casablanca (1942). What's his real name?

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    He is known for Rhett Butler in GWTW(1940). What's his real name?

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    He played as C. K. Dexter Haven in The Philadelphia Story(1940). What's his real name?

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    He is Cosmo Brown in Singing in the rain(1952). What's his real name?